Dovetail: To connect or combine precisely.

Our Services

We drive change by fostering collaboration, facilitating dialogue, providing strategic advice, and guiding sustainable land use planning and organizational development.


Dovetail Consulting includes an interdisciplinary team of professionals, offering a diverse range of services to help people understand and resolve complex natural resource management issues and organizational challenges.

Facilitation & Collaboration

Strengthening collaboration and facilitating dialogue that bridges across lines of difference and generates durable outcomes

Drawing on more than three decades of experience, our team offers expert facilitation support for work teams and multi-party initiatives. As committed adult learners ourselves, our facilitation approach is informed by best practices in the professional facilitation community. This includes an awareness of power and privilege, the need to incorporate trauma-informed frameworks, and a willingness to adapt to cross-cultural contexts where conflict, a lack of certainty, and ambiguity are common.

Strategy & Negotiation

Supporting organizations through strategic decision-making, policy development, and negotiations

In an increasingly complex socio-environmental landscape, strategic collaboration and an ability to engage in negotiations effectively can make all the difference. We offer technical and strategic support to assist organizations in preparing for and engaging in these crucial processes. Our team is well-versed in navigating complex policy and strategic environments, often involving diverse stakeholders with differing interests, priorities and perspectives. We assist our clients to find common ground, and secure robust agreements that balance various needs, drive progress, and ultimately advance both environmental sustainability and social justice.

Land Use Planning

Providing technical and strategic support for land and marine use planning informed by ecosystem and community health and resilience

We are committed to land use planning that fosters reconciliation between indigenous and Crown governments, enables cultural and ecological sustainability and supports diverse, vibrant socioeconomic opportunities for local communities.

Increasingly, our land use planning practice is evolving to address emerging priorities including climate change resiliency, cumulative effects management, and development of collaborative governance arrangements between the Crown and First Nations.

Project Management

Managing complex, multi-stakeholder projects to ensure coordinated and effective delivery

In the face of complexity, urgency, and limited organizational resources, an effective approach to project management can be transformative. We step in as dedicated project managers, bringing our extensive experience to bear on streamlining initiatives and fostering alignment among diverse teams. Our project management services help to clarify plans and agreements, establish streamlined management systems, and enable dynamic implementation, enabling organizations to navigate their journey with confidence and with a clear roadmap for success.

Organizational Development

Enhancing organizational effectiveness and clarity of vision

Our organizational development support enables clients to clarify vision, zero in on strategic priorities, and craft effective plans and agreements. We work closely with leaders and teams to increase their effectiveness and respond more efficiently to their own constituencies.

Training & Mentoring

Empowering leaders and teams through targeted training, mentorship and coaching

Empowering leaders and teams through targeted training, mentorship, and coaching, our training services provide tailored support to individuals, particularly those in leadership roles, in the areas of facilitation, leadership, and conflict management. We also offer targeted mentorship and coaching-style support designed to equip leaders with the knowledge and tools they need to make a positive impact.

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Our approach is grounded in a love of wild places, deep respect for the rights of Indigenous peoples, and a commitment to strengthening the resilience of communities and organizations.